Doopliss (raspberrysorbet) wrote in chowdah,

Side: Fried Red Potatoes

I made up this recipe by watching my dad as a kid and then experimenting once I grew up. Easy enough for the culinarily challenged!

1.5 pounds red potatoes (3 big ones)
half of a large sweet or yellow onion
extra virgin olive oil
salt, pepper, parsley flakes

1. Pour enough EVOO onto a non-stick pan to cover about half of it. Heat to medium.
2. Cut potatoes into bite-sized chunks. They'll finish faster if they're smaller.
3. Throw the potatoes into the pan once it's all heated up.
4. Stir things around. Do this every 30 seconds or so.
5. Add salt, pepper, and parsley (however much you want).
6. Chop the onion as the potatoes are cooking.
7. Once the potatoes start to soften, add the onions. Things should look like this by now.
8. Keep stirring everything around until the potato skins start to lose their color and the sides start browning. Bite into a bigger potato chunk to make sure they're done.
9. Serve on the side of anything you think these lovely fried potatoes would go with. Serves about 3 people.

You can turn this into a yummy afternoon snack by using less potatoes and throwing in some chopped carrots and celery.
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