Jérémie Tessier (poik007) wrote in chowdah,
Jérémie Tessier

Chocolate Mousse! More like chocolate half-pudding :o

Hey people, I tried to make chocolate mousse for christmas, using a recipe Raven found for me, so I did everything the best that I could, but I guess I got something messed up, since the texture was kind of more solid than it should have been. But my family loved it all right. :)
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the only thing I can possibly think of is that you didn't whip the cream/egg whites long enough. the egg whites especially should be at stiff peaks, which is pretty much the point where you pull the whisk out of the whites and turn it over, and they stand up still.

other than that, I guess you got it right, since a deflated mousse is usually pudding-like :P