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Dorm food goodness

Might as well post some of my favourites from when I was in res.  We had a kitchen, but I had limited supplies.

Congee -
1 part rice (NOT instant)
2 parts water
About 1 spoon of stock per cup of rice (I normally use chicken, but any kind works.  I use the stuff in those yellow cans, but make sure not to get water in there (ie reusing spoons) since the stuff will clump and harden like there's no tomorrow)

Small variant
1 part rice
1 part water
1 part tomato sauce (no stock, but I guess you can if you want)

Put in pot over high heat ALL ingredients.  Once it starts boiling, stir fairly consistantly, lower the heat slightly.  Once rice feels about cooked, and water has thickened so the water level is about below the rice level, remove from heat and cover for at least 5 minutes, but I usually leave it for more.

Funny thing was I made this before I even knew "congee" existed.  I told someone about it, they told me it actually had a name.  So much for my discovery. -_-;

Italian Wedding Soup (yes, if you've ever eaten at East Side Mario's, this is the stuff.  If you haven't, you *really* should try it)
*all measurements are approximate, unless I'm baking, I'll almost never measure
2L (8 C) water
about 4-8 tbsp chicken stock (until it looks like chicken soup, and tastes like it too)
about 1 cup of confetti type pasta, trust me, it puffs up A LOT
about 5 meatballs per person eating (you can make them yourself, but PRE-COOKED frozen ones are great too, those President's Choice Swedish Meatballs)
frozen chopped spinach (or fresh, but it'll end up soggy anyways), I think I use about 4 cubes if you get the cubed stuff.  You don't want to overfill it, but you want a fair bit
random generic Italian herbs and spices, whatever you feel like, s'all good

Start the water and stock mix boiling.  Once it does, add the pasta and meatballs.  Once the pasta is done, the meatballs *should* be done, so throw in the spinach and other stuff, once the spinach is all thawed and warm and yummy the soup is done.

Butterscotch Skor Cake

1 white-type cake (I *CAN* make the cake from scratch, but usually I'll just get cake mix, french vanilla is my favourite)
1 jar butterscotch topping (never tried caramel, but I might, if this caramel sauce I saw on an ep of Good Eats I d/led once turns out finally)
500 ml whipping cream (2 cups, but I'm not sure how you Americans measure boxed liquids.  It's either one large, or two smalls, if you get what I mean)
2 Skor candy bars (Do you have Skor in the States?  I heard somewhere you didn't have Caramilk, because it was too expensive to import...)

Bake the cake.  Let it cool.  (WTF THREE DOLLARS FOR A FRICKEN SKOR BAR!?  WE HAVE IT FOR LIKE ONE!  CANADIAN!!!)  Is the cake cool?  I mean REALLY cool?  As in it makes the Fonz look square cool?  Good.  Stab it numerous times on the top is a chopstick.  You can pattern, but it normally just ends up a bit stabfest anyways.  Pour the butterscotch on top, spread it around, so it goes into all the little holes and fills them up.  Now spread the whipped cream (preferably already having whipped it.  Otherwise, you'd just end up with a soggy mess.  Try adding some vanilla extract in before whipping for a hint of vanilla yumminess.)  Then SMASH THE SKOR BARS INTO TINY PIECES!!!  SMASHSMASHSMASH!!!  Once the Skor bars have been... ahem...  smashed...  sprinkle the bits over the cake.


And so am I.

For now.
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